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At Codswallop, we have a Pay What You Can scheme, where upon attending one of our events or performances, instead of paying a set ticket fee, you quite simply 'Pay What You Can'.


The concept behind the 'PWYC' scheme came about when considering the accessibility of our performances and theatre in general. We found that the biggest barrier putting off most people from attending performances and events was the fact they were unable to afford the ticket price. So in order to over come that barrier, we are removing the ticket price and asking audiences to simply pay what they can, thus welcoming more people to experience the arts and inspiring wider audiences.

At any event where the PWYC symbol (above) is displayed, tickets to the event will be issued either on the door or through the BoxOffice and then PWYC boxes will be around the venue to pay for your experience with whatever you can afford.

We would typically suggest £10 per ticket booked as a reasonable amount, however, if a pound or 50p is all you have to spare, that is equally as gratefully received. But, of course, if you are able to afford your own ticket and find you are in the position to subsidize someone else's ticket too, your contribution will help us to continue making the arts accessible within the community.

Our main priority is for you to experience the arts, it's that simple.

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